Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hunting-- A renewed Memory of the Past

On my other site I wrote about the problems of wild stray dogs and atv's hurting my hunting trips. Back in the old days I remember that atv's were just a way to get to the field or woods and never rode into the woods while hunting season was on except to retrieve a deer but not today folks,today youths ride just about anywhere they feel like it without regards to the hunters in the woods. As for the wild stray dogs I can remember being out hunting ans shooting any dog that didn't belong to the land owner( per his permission) as they were chasing and killing his livestock. I have shot dogs at 250-300 yards away just for this reason and looks like I may get the chance to do so again come rifle season. Stray dogs become a hunters and farmers worst enemy and for this reason I do take them out every chance I get. I've had deer chased by dogs and decided to shot the dogs first over the deer which helped improve my hunting farmlands and helped the farmers livestock as well. My theory on dogs in the field or woods is "If you see them in the woods, leave them in the woods".


Anonymous said...

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