Saturday, February 28, 2009

June Bugs and Grasshoppers for Catfish.

Although I can't remember the year of this grand fishing trip, I still remember everything about the trip as if it were yesterday. It took place in Pitcher, Oklahoma where my grandparents, aunts and uncles lived. It was mid-summer, hot temperatures and the June bugs were out everywhere. My Uncle Bill told us kids to go out and catch a bunch of June bugs then when it got dark we were to go walk through the tall grass and weeds and catch large grasshoppers. After procuring the bait we all loaded up in my uncles 1958 chevy Cheyenne pick-up a headed to the river with the camper in tow. On the way tho the river my uncle stopped at the package store and picked up some beer ( which was high on the must take along list ). As we traveled to the river my uncle began handing the beer out the window to us kids in the back of the truck when my dad ask what he was doing . My uncles only reply was " I thought they were thirsty " and my dad replied that we were only kids not adults. Once we arrived at the river everything got set-up for the night and we got our trot lines and fishing poles put out. It wasn't long before the fish began biting on the June bugs and grasshoppers and by the time morning came around we ended up catching 52 keeper catfish which weighted from 2 1/2 pounds to 34 pounds. Though the night seemed short, it seemed like it took forever to clean all those catfish when we got home the next morning.