Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Economy--- Past and Present

As I set here at my computer pondering my next post I find myself thinking about the economy of today and wondering how much longer it will be before we are put officially into a recession. Some folks say we are already there but thinking back I remember a day my parents had been digging through some of their old photographs and researching their genealogy. As they showed the photos to me they explained the photos were of some of my relatives back in the 1930's and 1940's during the recession period and you could tell from the photo that times were really hard on folks. Some of their photos went back into the 1800's and was of folks trading foods for goods or services. A document my parents showed me told of one relative at the time of his marriage bought acreage property with a house on it for .50 cents and a mule and a bushel of apples. If our economy doesn't get better soon that may be the way we will all end up. I've seen this trend for years now in the bigger cities as the homeless and starving stand on street corners and interstate off ramps holding signs asking for work for food or money and there seems to be no end in sight for this trend of life.Sure the government says it will help by building homes for the homeless but in Nashville,Tn. the plans for building a 200 room complex for the homeless was set aside to build a new sports arena costing billions of dollars which I see could go along way toward helping the homeless and the economy. But I just a country hick town fellow with little knowledge of how to foresee turning the economy around to make things better. Perhaps it's just the fact that the rich folk think if it doesn't make them money then why give the money to help. The way I see it if it comes down to it and the recession hits hard I'll help anyone except the rich then they'll have to pay me dearly for my help. Bush and the senate know what to do to prevent us from falling deeper into debt and having such a recession from happening but refuse to do the right thing until it's to late if it isn't all ready.Stocks have fallen all around the world due to an anticipated recession and the government just sits back waiting for it to happen.The economy is bad now but it will get worst before it gets better with no telling how long the recession will last.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm back

Thanks to each and everyone of you Im back up and getting ready to start my posting again folks. the heart felt encouragement and kindness everyone left on my last postings is all I could think about while I was gone except my hunting whitetails for the past 3 months that is. Be prepared for I'm back and don't plan on stopping again without a real tradgedy this time.