Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Escape, Tag Your It.

Okay Othmar you got me on this one so here goes everything I've got for this meme. Everybody we've started a sort of game to help get everyone alittle more acquainted with everyone else and learn alittle about each other.the rules of this meme are as follows. Players start with 8 random facts (true) about themselves. Those of us that are tagged should then post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should then tag and notify 8 other people who should then follow the rules of the game. It's simple ,it's fun and it's interactive with everyone. This being said and done I can now get to the facts about me so here I go. Fact # 1. Even though I don't have much time for them ,I enjoy just about all sports so long as I'm a particiapant (not on television). Fact # 2. I enjoy spending all my free time with my wife, who is also my best friend and trustworthy companion. Fact # 3. I would really like to retire early on a big farm or ranch with game running plentiful everywhere. Fact # 4. I don't get to spend as much time on the internet ( namely my blog visiting my friends) as I would like too. Fact # 5. I love watching moives about Indians,westerns,horror and of coarse hunting shows. Fact # 6. I'm always looking for a way to make money whether on the internet or around home even though it's not easy to do this most of the time. Fact # 7. Health problems prevent me from doing alot of things I enjoy now-a-days and most things I do I have to do at a slow pace. Fact # 8. Last and final one so here it is. I'm a very patient person about everything I do and will wait for long periods of time for things I really want' but like everyone patience runs thin on everything eventually. Okay now that thats over with on to my list of tags, so here it is folksand if your one of the lucky ones please respond asap and thanks for keeping us going with this. #1. # 2. # 3. # 4. # 5. 6. # 7. # 8. I apologize to everyone and am very sorry for the time away everyone but I've had alot of problems with my computer programs and logging-in to them which should be fixed now I hope so everything is good and back to normal for now.