Monday, July 6, 2009

Fading Memories.

Memories don't just pop into mind for many of us, they are spawn by a smell of something that we've smelt before, a site of something we've seen before or maybe even a word phrase we used to here or be told by someone we knew long ago. For me many of my memories have come back to me through the old photographs my parents show me or give me as they become older and want me to have. As a kid growing up, a trip to Picther, Oklahoma the week of the 4th of July was a scheduled vacation for the family to visit my grandparents and of coarse fishing was always on the agenda. It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I began my deer hunting legacy even though I had hunted other wild game previously. That first year of whitetail deer hunting set things in motion for me that has lasted more than 40 years now and the memories I had and made are enough to last me for a lifetime. Though my memories come and go through my mind as I get older and I'm sure there are things I'll forget, Ill never be able to write all my memories down here on my web page before my time is up. Stories of days gone by that are told aloud are often forgotten within years of telling them but stories put to print are remembered and passed on through future generations for life. This is why I started this website and will continue to add to it as often as I can remember a memory to write.