Thursday, August 23, 2007

Memories On Hold

Okay my writing is alittle slow now days and with deer season coming upon me and two grandsons who wants me to take them hunting this year and stands that need moving around I just might have to put my writings on hold for awhile, but don't worry about me cause somewhere in all this camotion I try to find time to keep everybody updated and visit as many of you as I can. For now though this will probably be the last writing I do for awhile till things slow down for me. Everyone stay safe out there this yearand have a great year hunting. Oh yeah I almost forgot if I can download it from the newspaper I'll post my truck which made front page in our little town paper.Yes I was in an accident Friday morning and luckily I'm alright but my truck is gone and right now I'm waiting to see what his insurance is going to do about it. Right now they gave me a 2007 silverado to drive till they settle with me. My son-in-law was also in the truck with me and he to is alright we were both checked out at the hospital and released.You may want to enlarge the article if you want to read it.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, that looks like it was quite an accident. I'm glad everyone is o.k.

deerslayer said...

Thanks Kristine; yes it was a terrible accident and luckily nobody got hurt.My son-in-law and I are both fine and now it's just all the red tape I'm going thru to get things back to normal again. The accident has really given me a new look at life and made me think of the future alittle more clearly and thinking of what needs to happen with my life very soon. I may even do an article on my thoughts of life's future bringings.